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Our team of professionals has multi-functional experience and deep expertise in organizational effectiveness.  Call upon us to identify competencies, redesign your organizational structure, lead change management, establish or reset teams, curriculum design and implementation, or any number of organizational initiatives to improve effectiveness.


Phase One: Reveal Your Current Culture

The Leadership Culture Survey

See the whole picture and discover a compelling rationale for change.

Used for your entire organization or just a leadership team, the survey is an “MRI” of how your people view their current leadership culture, and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire.

This powerful survey will:

  • Establish a compelling rationale for change

  • Focus leadership development efforts

  • Delineate cultural challenges associated with acquisitions, mergers, and restructuring plans.

  • Correlate leadership to productivity, profits, turnover, and other bottom line metrics.

Identify Core Values

Your core values are alive and well in your organization today. Are they the values that are needed for tomorrow?  Use a collaborative process to uncover the core values that are in the DNA of your organization. Compare the current reality to the values required for success in the future.

Structured Interviews of the Executive Team

Having the same dialogue individually with each member of your team is another powerful approach for painting a picture of your current reality, the gap between what is working well and what needs to be improved upon, and the aspirations for the organization in the future.  This approach uncovers  the collective beliefs of the leadership team about the barriers and opportunities for the organization.

Phase Two: Map Your Future Culture

After an extensive evaluation of your current state and challenges, we will work closely with your executive team to co-create a custom plan for an improved future for your organization. We will present several scenarios for your selection.


Creating an Inclusive Environment

Women in Leadership

Authenticity and Transparency

Building and Sustaining Trust

Engaging and Retaining Talent

Fostering Innovation

Embracing Change

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